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Below you'll find the summit schedule for our 5-days together! Access links will be emailed to you daily + posted in the Facebook Group.

*Please note all times are shown in CST

  • Morning Coffee Activation & Meditation
    • 9:00 am Welcome to your adventure with Amber Valdez
  • Morning Workshop
    • 10:00 am It's OK to Not Be Ok with Kim LaMontagne
      • Video Description: It’s ok to not be ok is the story of a high achieving woman who suffered in silence with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and alcohol use disorder because of fear of shame and stigma. She is 10 years sober and spreading hope to those who need a light to find a way out of the darkness.
    • 11:00 am Clarity Cure with Willow Bradner
      • Video Description: 5 Step strategy to uncovering the truth that will Accelerate your business and get you to the Income, Impact and discover the freedom you deserve.
    • 12:00 pm Simple Systems to Begin Curating the Lifestyle You’ve Been Craving with Amber Drake
      • Video Description: An Intentionally Holistic Lifestyle, simply put, are clearly defined desires for every facet of your unique and beautiful life, driven by self-discipline and self-defined values.

        But, what does that mean?
        How do we accomplish this?

        Well, it is kind of like, building a castle out of Legos, but, before you start, you choose what you want it to look like, what color it will be, how it will feel, and why you are building it, then you lay out the pieces and get to work, one piece at a time. With clear intention, you build a whole, out of many parts.

        In this masterclass, you will learn 3 simple systems in order to get started with your intentionally built castle today!
  • Inspiration Talk
    • 1:00 pm The Beauty of Conscious Catalysts Giselle Carr
      • Video Description: In this talk, Giselle Carr, Head of Marketing and Branding of, takes you on a journey into the heart of self-discovery and planetary care. She outlines her own call to adventure that softly came into her life, and the tools within the TreeSisters ecosystem that helped her work through her own transformation. This talk explores how this inner journey then translated into an outer intention to create a life in service to all that lives on our planet, and how any woman can step into the same. 
  • Afternoon Workshop
    • 2:00 pm The Relationship To Your Food & Your Body with Kate Dwinell
      • Video Description: Kate Dwinell breaks down the REAL reason why we struggle with food our bodies in this training. And let me give you a little spoiler alert, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FOOD & YOUR BODY (GASP). Kate goes through what she wished she knew while on her journey to heal her relationship to food & her body. She teaches you why we struggle with food & our body and also actions steps to start actually HEALING & stop putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. So, if you are ready to stop hating your body & struggling with food then this training is a MUST watch!
    • 3:00 pm Moving From Fear to Creative Flow with Sarah Entrup
      • Video Description: How many of us struggle with the pressures of modern life? Life is so full! We have so much on our plates! This causes stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and feeling as if we are getting buried by life rather than creating the vision we actually have for our lives. This can be a hard pattern to break, mainly because we were never given the tools and practices we need to handle the pressures of today. Our parents and grandparents did not live in the world we live in. They did not live in this particular intensity that has become the norm for most of us.

        It’s about time to put a few tricks in your tool bag to help you succeed and create more in life! Time to release the fear and overwhelm and step into your creative flow!
    • 4:00 pm Navigating life with your inner compass with Seryna Myers 
      • Video Description: In this session you'll learn what your inner compass is, how to trust it, different ways of working with your inner compass and the basics to understanding the signs and symbols you receive. When you navigate the waters of life with your inner compass, you show up more consciously, with more purpose, and a deep-rooted knowing that everything will be okay in the end.
    • 5:00 pm Simple steps to feed your soul and vibrate higher, to attract your desires with Beth Wengert
      • Video Description: Together Marcia and I review what you are more than capable of implementing into your daily life (right now, with only investing in yourself) to help you rise above the things holding you down, weighing heavy on your mind, body and soul, so you are attracting all that you desire and deserve in life.
  • Morning Coffee Activation & Meditation
    • 9:00 am Unlocking the Power Within Your Body with Cassandra Wilder
      • Video Description: Within every woman is a well of wisdom, power and creation. And yet, so many of us grow up to feel disconnected, exhausted and without purpose or direction. Why is that?

        Through this nourishing activation meditation, you'll learn how to tap into the wisdom of your body, what it means to reconnect to your power center and receive the guidance and support you need to live embodied.
  • Morning Workshop
    • 10:00 am Conjuring Conscious Creation through Cacao and Connection with Marci Weinstein + Rachel Goldberg
      • Video Description: Cacao ceremony followed by rapping about our journeys. You will learn about cacao, ceremony, and sisterhood.
    • 11:00 am 5 Element Alchemy - Unlock Your Elemental Potential to Create A Life You Love with Ashley Abbs
      • Video Description: The Water Element provides the portal for you to convene with your souls mandate and the bigger picture for you to create a life of love & legacy. Your 5 Element Alchemy, a 2000 year old personality test holds the keys for you to trust your intuition and know when its your time to leap. Join Ashley Abbs, Doctor of Acupuncture, Writer and Mentor for Heart-Centred Creatives to discover your 5 Element Alchemy, uncover "Why You Are The Way You Are" and how to chart a path honouring your elemental potential trusting your next steady step in alignment with your soul.
    • 12:00 pm Evolve By Knowing the Guardians of Your Soul with Isabel Hundt 
      • Video Description: The Guardians of your Soul are your emotions that reflect everything that is going on in your life back to you. Unfortunately, many are missing the spiritual piece when it comes to our emotional world and how to navigate the signs and messages throughout our life.

        In this lecture, we will go deeper into the true meaning of our emotions, how they can be experienced as our guide and what questions to ask ourselves to understand their messages for us.
  • Inspiration Talk
    • 1:00 pm The Power of Aligning Your YES with Dawn Bornheimer
      • Video Description: When you take the time to get quiet, to listen to your soul, you will know that with each aligned decision, the next step will appear. There are no mistakes, only lessons that are meant to redirect us. If you release yourself from the need to control the outcome, the universe continue to show up for you and within you.
  • Afternoon Workshop
    • 2:00 pm Multi-Dimensional Purpose & Divine Prosperity: Decode your Divine Feminine Success by aligning with your Quantum Soul Desire with Ginger Susanne Reinelt
      • Video Description: NOW is the time for the awakened feminine leader and spiritual entrepreneur to step into more of who she came here to be.

        To embody her Divine Feminine Purpose and create consistent Success & Prosperity without sacrificing her cosmic feminine design.

        In this video you will learn…
        >> What Divine Feminine Purpose really is about and how to get to know yours.
        >> How to connect to the Quantum Field and channel your Soul Desires.
        >> How to shift your energetic field so you become the Portal of transformation for others
        >> How to super-charge your AURA to Magnify your Radiance and use Multi-Dimensional Marketing to attract your soul mate clients.
    • 3:00 pm Become an Agent for Change: Get Started, Live With Passion, and Make an Impact with Monica Bourgeau
      • Video Description: You have big dreams and yearn to live a purposeful life, but it can be hard to stay inspired, or even know where to begin. In this turbulent time, when loneliness, fear, blame, and disconnection are the norm, there is hope. All of these are actually signals that we’re in the midst of a major shift in consciousness.

        You’ve sensed this change and know that you’re called to do something more, to live a higher purpose. But what to do? You know you’re supposed to do something more, and that there must be a better way. You’re just not sure what that looks like, yet. And you still need to make a living in the meantime.

        I believe that’s why you’re here right now, on this planet. Your vision, leadership, and quite frankly, your light are needed now more than ever. You are one of the pathfinders, helping to find the openings for creating what’s next and helping others through the chaos.

        In this presentation, I’ll introduce you to a powerful process that I call The Change Code that will help you gain clarity around your purpose and give you the confidence and courage to take the next steps.
    • 4:00 pm Your Anxiety Is Your Wake Up Call with Lilli Badcock
      • Video Description: How to navigate the anxiety, frustration and fear that can arise as you wake up to your true purpose.
    • 5:00 pm Choosing a path - an empowered life vision with Illira Margaritis
      • Video Description: How to clarify your empowered life vision to help you choose your path
  • Morning Coffee Activation & Meditation
    • 9:00 am Ease Into Your Day Meditation & Coffee with Lindsey Makitalo
      • Video Description: Grab a cup of coffee and ease into your day with a calming meditation that also helps with focus, getting present and concentration.
  • Morning Workshop
    • 10:00 am Embody Your Sacred Essence & Become Fully Expressed with Jessica Valor
      • Video Description: Join Jessica Valor in this exclusive interview where she sharers her personal story. Jessica opens her heart and vulnerably takes you through three phases of her life and what she integrated in her life to trust her intuition and rise to the next level.

        You will feel loved and inspired to take bold action in the direction of your dreams. You will walk away with a plethora of resources to create a plan to take your next steps.
    • 11:00 am The Immense Power Behind Our Intentions with Tiff DeLancy
      • Video Description: How much power do we have over the creation of our life?
        We are diving deep here to explore the mechanics of the law of attraction.
        Our subconscious beliefs act as the invisible driving force behind our actions, and that is what is ultimately shaping our reality.
        We must start with self awareness; acknowledging our current thoughts, feelings, & belief systems.
        Then we begin to realize how the energy of our emotions (the positive feelings associated to our desired outcome) are what can amplify and magnify our intention; as they’re the literal vibrational force directing our manifestations.
        It is by coming into resonance, or vibrational alignment, with our intention that we unlock the key to grounding our desires and dreams into this life.
    • 12:00 pm How to start trusting your Soul's voice and find your next steps - the recipe for living your unique purpose with Annemieke Van Helsdingen
      • Video Description: Don't you just love it when life is easy and straightforward, with clarity all around? Unfortunately, starting to walk your Soul's path is often messy. It can feel overwhelming and scary. With a lot of not-knowing. Not knowing what your life's work should look like (if there is such a thing), not knowing what you should be doing in the world. Not knowing how life can work out for you on a practical level. If this is you, then join us for a session on how to start trusting the voice of your Soul and how to find your next steps - no matter where you find yourself today. I will be sharing an ancient recipe for living your unique purpose AND give you practices you can do right now to keep walking your path in trust.
  • Inspiration Talk
    • 1:00 pm Mindset Matters with Cathy Mckinnon
      • Video Description: Talking all things mindset! What does it mean? How do you do it? How does creating boundaries help with this?
  • Afternoon Workshop
    • 2:00 pm Demystifying the Woo with Cathy Weiss
      • Video Description: This insightful interview with Intuitive Energy Guide Cathy Weiss is a true gem.

        She breaks down several ideas you’ve probably heard of into truly understandable concepts including:
        - What the term “woo” refers to
        - Your personal energy
        - What an energy reading is
        - The different types of energy healers
        - How to determine if you need a healer in your life
        - What oracle cards are and how to use them
        - And a special Bonus! One simple thing you can do now to begin to heal your energy and raise your vibration.

        Watch to get answers for questions you’ve always wanted to ask.
    • 3:00 pm Into the Dark: Celebrating your inner feminine to receive deep healing with Katie Kozlowski
      • Video Description: So often we fear what lies on the other side of the journey, but what if that trip into the dark is what leads you home. Join Katie Kozlowski as she enlightens and empowers you to follow your own path into the dark where you find healing, love and so much more. You will be amazed at how powerful your darkness can be and you will love learning WHY your darkness makes you strong.
    • 4:00 pm Unveiling Your Unique Blueprint with Danielle Rodenroth
      • Video Description: Release your soul into infinity by accessing and allowing your uniqueness to embody your true potential through acceptance of all expressions of your codes... Transmuting all imprints, conditioning, and distortion so you can be what you're here to be.

        Let's dive into the mechanisms of existence to orient our true selves back home and awaken the living matrix.
    • 5:00 pm Staying on Track with Your Highest Path & Purpose with Sasha Niala
      • Video Description: What does it mean to Walk your Highest Path and how to Fulfill Your Potential with each Step
  • Morning Coffee Activation & Meditation
    • 9:00 am The Ultimate Manifestation Guided Meditation with Andrea Dawn
      • Video Description: The key to manifesting the life that you desire is the liberation from the thoughts and “ways of being” that are keeping you stuck and playing small. This powerful guided meditation will aid you in identifying those unhelpful thoughts and patterns and gift you the space in your mind and your life, to cultivate the rituals and behaviors that will, in turn, lead you to living the life you dream of. Not only will you become conscious of what is holding you back, you will get clear about what will drive you forward right into the waiting arms of the universe and to experiencing your bliss!
  • Morning Workshop
    • 10:00 am The Art of Ritual: Walking through Resistance with Lynette Allen
      • Video Description: How to use Ritual and intention when things are tough, when you're not steady emotionally and you're not sure where life is taking you.
    • 11:00 am Tapping through resistance with Sara Bachraty
      • Video Description: Inside this video you will learn what EFT tapping is and how to start tapping. Join Sara for a tapping experience focused around Tapping Through Resistance.
    • 12:00 pm The Reintroduction to Yourself with Heather Breedlove
      • Video Description: We know life can be tough. We've all been there - striving to have a storybook romance, amazing career, and picture-perfect family all while losing a little bit of ourselves each day because nurturing everyone and everything else seems more important. After awhile, we don't know who we are anymore. What do we want out of life? How have our journeys affected us to this point? What are our hopes and dreams? For that matter, what is our favorite ice cream flavor?

        It can be scary or even strange to start focusing on yourself instead of everyone else. It might be the guilt of taking the time to work on you or the intimidation of even knowing where to start, but here we have a roadmap to start to find ourselves again. Let's hop in, and take back our SHINE!
  • Inspiration Talk
    • 1:00 pm Boost your confidence- the spiritual way with Michelle de Matheu
      • Video Description: How to remove blocks to strengthen your intuition and boost your confidence.
  • Afternoon Workshop
    • 2:00 pm Our Self Talk Becomes Our Life Walk: Understanding The Source of Resistance with Suzie Bichovsky
      • Video Description: Change is desirable. Creating your dream life sounds exciting. But, then? The “but” happens. “Yes, but…” Part of what blocks transformation is the unknown. Or, the known but ignored or forgotten. This points to your values. Once you understand your core values, you can determine the source of your resistance. You can shift from feeling stuck to meeting resistance on the playing field as a friend. A major step in your own burnout prevention journey is understanding what drives your self talk and choices. Spend some time exploring your values and evolve the way you walk through life.
    • 3:00 pm Navigating big changes: how I packed two suitcases, moved to the other side of the world and left the corporate world for a rural lifestyle with Nadine Nelen
      • Video Description: In this interview you will get some very handy tools to overcome resistance that big changes bring up. You will learn about the easy way to true manifestation with a deep shift that will change your life at the deepest level.
        I was born in Belgium and moved to Australia and eventually left a masculine dominated world. I now run my online business as a psychic, spiritual teacher.

        I love to coach and mentor people looking for a big change. I have been there and done that and I know the roadblocks and how to navigate through the resistance to change and my goal is to make this easier for you.
    • 4:00 pm Surviving to thriving- how to create unlimited possibility through breaking up with limitation with Maxime Nolten
      • Video Description: Our natural state of being is one where we're thriving, yet it's not something we all experience and thats something I believe needs to change. Thriving isn't just for the 'lucky' few it's for all of us--physically, financially, relationally and everything is between. In this video we'll uncover how to shift our limitations to make space for that regular state of being.
  • Morning Coffee Activation & Meditation
    • 9:00 am Cave of the Heart Meditation with Jessica Hoch
      • Video Description: Living fully aligned we bring our attention into the cave of the heart where the flame of our true essence burns without pause. 
  • Morning Workshop
    • 10:00 am Living in Elemental Alignment with Caiti Jackson
      • Video Description: Marcia and Caiti talk all things living a life of alignment; what it means, what it looks like, how to set agreements to support the ebb and flow of alignment as well as the benefits and overflow of living a life of alignment.
    • 11:00 am Morning Rituals for Success: How to Stay Sane in a World gone Crazy and come out feeling Creative, Spiritual, Clear + On Top with Debra Mazer
      • Video Description: We are living in more sensitive times. The planet's frequency is shifting + the vibration is raising. Many of us are empaths. Also, politics. ;)

        Debra Mazer shares Morning Ritual techniques to keep you centered and sane, as you brave the world, as the hero of your own life story.

        Debra worked as a Field Organizer on the Stacey Abrams campaign in 2018, and used all her spiritual and ritual techniques, as a Life Coach, Reiki Healer, and Ritual Author, to break records, kick booty, get mentioned by Oprah, and stay sane.
    • 12:00 pm Learn to Master Your Emotions ( An introduction to Emotional Integration) with Luciana Garcia
      • Video Description: Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to process our emotions, can lead us to feel anxious, depressed and lost. In this video, you will be introduced to the powerful technique of Emotional Integration and guided through the process of how to apply it in your life.

        Emotional Integration teaches us how to understand, observe and feel our emotions consciously. It is a form of meditation for emotional self-care. It truly helps you feel empowered and supported through the most difficult times, and as a result you learn to strengthen your relationship yourself.
  • Inspiration Talk
    • 1:00 pm Reconnecting with your Yoni with Rosie Rees
      • Video Description: In this presentation Rosie shares the current phenomenas women are facing with their vaginal and pelvic floor health and 7 ways women can reconnect to their ‘sacred space’ in a way that’s empowering, liberating and life changing.
  • Afternoon Workshop
    • 2:00 pm Energy Management vs. Time Management with Patricia Panasri
      • Video Description: We all know that by stressing out, things are not going to be easier or quicker. So why do we do it then? Underlying patterns and the fast paced society force us to run that quick just to keep up.

        What if I tell you, you don’t have to run that fast. Quite the opposite, the more you slow down, the more you achieve. Expanding time. It starts with becoming aware of what you already have, so you’ll make more conscious choices to do the things that make you happy.

        Dive into the world of the lunar cycle and your own cycle. Save time, feel more peaceful and experience more flow in your life.
    • 3:00 pm Healing and Manifesting through Art with Leah Guzman
      • Video Description:This presentation guides you through a journey of self-discovery to promote transformation. Leah Guzman is a board certified art therapist and professional artist teaching you how to use art as a tool for healing and manifesting. We will be discussing how the chakra energy system plays a role in identifying our blocks, a hands on art experience for insight, and ways to use art as a guide to the next best step on your journey. Grab your art journal and join us.
    • 4:00 pm Closing Circle 
      • Video Description: Join your sisters in a closing circle on Zoom to celebrate your transformations, to connect with one another and close the sacred container of the LIVE summit.


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